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About AiTips

About us

AI Tips is a sports content platform whose primary goal is to help every player achieve higher profits using an AI-based 'high odds win' algorithm!

Our story started 30+ years ago with sports stats, then slowly we got into the world of sports betting back in the early 90's. Admittedly, not with much success!

After many years of analyzing statistics, our betting results still didn't bring the expected profit!

The first serious profit was made in 2008, thanks to an algorithm discovered in 2007!

Since then, with advances in technology and AI, we added 3 more algorithms in 2016, which not only gave us a consistent profit, but also exceeded our own expectations!

We then embarked on a multi-year software R&D project that resulted in the AI Tips platform!

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What do we offer?

These are what we offer you

Meet the AiTips Ai platform, where you can always get up-to-date tips. Even without a subscription, we give you access to 3 free tips every day.

Tips from Ai
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A new era in sports betting!

Fully automated, closed system, human intervention free, AI algorithm based software!

Members can access betting tips generated by the 'high odds win' algorithm and exclusive content on the platform!

Our machine algorithms use historical data collected from multiple sources to make betting decisions.

AI has been used in sports betting for quite some time now, as it is much more efficient at analysing statistics and discovering correlations that often even the most experienced human can't. The clear implication is that it can select more winning bets in less time.


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